Feature photo – One of our small groups starting out on their ride from the Rumbling Tums Cafe which is situated at Wheatbridge in Chesterfield on 11 August 2020. Note there are 2 happy club members on their electric bikes – electric bike ownership is growing in the club.

What we do at this moment in time

The situation at the moment guides us to ride in small groups (because of social distancing) with a maximum number of 6 in each group – some members are still riding solo or with one other person. Destinations are generally planned on the day and within each group. Under normal conditions, rides would be pre-planned.

Come and Join Us

Many people are now getting back into cycling or may be new to cycling and ride on their own. Riding in a small group can make it more sociable and gives a greater feeling of safety. We also know the best/safest ways out of Chesterfield and there are so many quiet lanes when out of the town. We are not a racing club but some ride faster and much further than others and tend to separate into those groups. Whatever your bike is, electric bikes are welcome (quite a number of club members have them), just make sure it is in good working order, carry a spare tube, pump, and tyre levers. Club members can help with punctures. Always set off with a water bottle, have some ID, an In Case of Emergency Number (ICE), and some cash for a café stop. Most club members wear helmets.

Before you decide to ride with us

Contact our Chairman using this email to obtain more information. You may be concerned about a number of things with regard to riding with a group and he can put your mind at rest. Please make contact before you turn up.

We generally ride on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and meet at the Rumbling Tums Cafe in Wheatbridge at 9.20 to set off at 9.30. We also meet on Sunday’s by the pavilion in Queens Park at 9.50 with a set off time of 10 am.  Some rides do last until 4/5 pm but much of the time we’re finishing around 3 pm-ish and there are usually one or two heading back earlier.

We are a friendly welcoming bunch offering advice and encouragement to new riders. Amongst our ranks there is an intriguing amount of route, technical, and most importantly cafe knowledge, adding that extra something to your cycling experience. Non-members are very welcome so why not experience a couple of rides with the club – it may be just what you are looking for!!  Our club membership is only £5 per year (see our membership page for information about joining).