Rides and Meetings

Feature photo – club riders met up for a coffee stop at the Dore Cafe on 24 March 2022 – the cafe is now fully open with inside tables, toilets and proper crockery rather than cardboard cups. One group of 5 then took a route through Graves Park en-route to a second stop at the “Lounge Coffee Bar” in Eckington. Photo courtesy of Michael S.

Rides and Meetings
The club runs social meetings on Monday evenings at 19:30 and rides are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Riding is what the club is all about. There are two midweek ride days which start at the Rumbling Tums Cafe at Wheatbridge and a Sunday ride which meets next to the Pavilion in Queens Park. Keep an eye on this website for developments.

Non-club members are welcome to join us on a tryout for up to 3 rides, by which time they have hopefully decided to join us. When joining the club you will need to provide proof of third party insurance. This can be obtained by joining either Cycling UK, British Cycling or the National Clarion Cycling Club which will provide third party insurance. Alternatively, members can become group affiliate members of Cycling UK under the club’s group membership, contact the Secretary. If you are a visitor to the area please make contact and join us on a ride (see contacts page).

What to ride.
Members use a variety of bikes, road, gravel, hybrids and we welcome electric bikes. As long as it’s roadworthy and properly maintained anything goes – you might struggle on a full suspension mountain bike – horses for courses. Be equipped with at least one spare tube, pump and tyre levers (club riders would help with mending punctures).  You will need lights as the nights draw in – it’s all too easy to be caught out unlit at dusk. Most importantly, you will need a water bottle, an emergency snack or banana, and some money/card for the cafe. It is also useful to carry identification, details of any medical condition, and a mobile phone.

What to wear.
Lycra is not necessary, many do because it works.  In winter some members wear reflective ankle bands and other items to increase their visibility on the road. Helmets are not obligatory but photos show the general consensus.

Riding in a group.
One member’s view is expressed on the page Etiquette. These are not club rules but form good guidance. The most important thing is to have an enjoyable ride in good company within the fantastic landscape we are privileged to inhabit.