Melrose Trip 2019

On the 13th of May 2019 a party of 20 met for a 4 day stay at the Waverley Castle Hotel in Melrose in the Scottish Borders.  2 or more option rides were available each day with a choice of medium or longer routes.  The weather was glorious all week for rides in this beautiful and most interesting region of the Central Tweed Valley.  Details of the hotel can be found on the Shearings web site.

Some arrived in style and some kept moving on …
Staying at the Waverley Castle Hotel, Melrose
Each day starting with a hive of activity
with some truly (well) dressed for the occasion
Off we set into the blue yonder
into the beautiful Tweed Valley countryside
over mountain, rolling hills and dales (glens)
but soon had to stop for light refreshments
or to work out exactly which route we should have been taking!
Always time for photo shots
and some posing
and more posing
and more ….
some old views
some new
some stunning in beautiful settings
many worth coming back for …. again …
… and again ….
… and again !
( and the ice cream )
All down to superb organisation.
Respect ! Come back soon.

Samples of the planned rides can be found here (as always, on the day variations occurred) ….

Melrose to Hawick – Long Route

Melrose to Hawick – Medium Route

Melrose to Jedburgh – Long Route

Melrose to Jedburgh – Medium Route

Melrose to Kelso – Long Route

Melrose to Kelso – Medium Route