Weekday Rides

The featured photo was taken at the Ecclesbourne Garden Centre on Thursday 7 June 2018.

The weekday rides are at present the predominant activity of the club. Taking place during the week, they attract the retired, shift workers and others with time to spare for cycling. Some riders don’t want to be out all day; they will ride to the first cafe stop and then head for home. In summer, riders tend to be back around 5.00pm but it can be later. In winter the ride is shorter with a home time around 4.00pm.  Lights are essential at this time. The average speed is around 8 to11mph; some clubs would class this as steady. This may be the club for you so why not give us a go and just turn up and try a couple of rides.

The group meet at the Wheatbridge Cafe, off Dock Walk, Chesterfield S40 2AB.  Directions: turn off Boythorpe Rd at Just Tyres, pass the back entrance of Dunelm, then turn first right in front of the brick building with the 1816 plaque. The cafe is on the left after the YMCA New2U building.

Start Time
From Tuesday 26 March 2018 the week-day rides start at 9.30 with a meet up time of 9.15 at the Wheatbridge Cafe. 10am until that date.

Summer: 40 to 70+ miles
Winter:   35 to 50+ miles

Cafe Stops
One or two, occasionally three, depending on time, speed, destination etc

Where To
The Peak District (Derbyshire and Staffordshire), Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire
From April until October we run a number of ‘Car Assists’ which move the start point away from Chesterfield


New riders are advised to contact the club as there can be last minute changes to the list because of poor weather etc. Club Contact email

Wheatbridge Cafe is open for tea and coffee – you can have a full breakfast if you so wish. The toasted fruit loaf is particularly recommended.

Please arrive punctually, we do not wait. Phoning riders after the ride has started to find where they are going is discouraged and should only be done in extenuating circumstances. Not everyone rides at the same speed so there will be times when the riders will be split into 2 groups with one group riding at a slightly faster pace than the club norm but probably with the same destination and cafe stops. The same will happen if there is a large number of riders – this is certainly more likely to be the case on good spring and summer days.

17/07/18TuePlan on dayAlso a car assist on this day
17/07/18TueCar Assist from Clumber Park. Lincolnshire
Mike Hardwick
Park on Lime Tree Ave
Email to follow
19/07/18ThuCrichPete Brown
24/07/18TueChapel en le FrithMichael Stainer
26/07/18ThuPlan on day
26/07/18TuePlan on dayAlso a car assist on this day
31/07/18TueCar assist from Ollerton to TuxfordEdwin Johnson
"Touring" pace
02/08/18ThuPlan on day
07/08/18TuePlan on day
09/08/18ThuPlan on day
14/08/18TuePete Brown
28/08/18TueKnockerdownMicheal Stainer