Club Kit

Kit for 2018

To be updated


If you are not too sure about the size the Kit Organiser may be able to give some help. He also has a small amount of pre Polaris kit left

A few long service members in Club Kit

Saga Group in Club Kit


Why Purple and Yellow?

When Chesterfield Cycling and Athletics Club merged with Spire Cycling Club to form Chesterfield Spire Road Cycling Club in 1968, they needed new colours to replace the old red, white and blue of CC&AC and the red, black & green of Spire CC.

Local bike shop proprietor, George Curtoise, knew a contact in France who had a consignment of jerseys for sale at a very reasonable price. These were eagerly snapped up by the club. The yellow shirts with purple band duly arrived and all members had to do was to embroider the club name on the back.
The colours have been incorporated in various designs since that time..

George Curtoise at his shop on Chatsworth Road. (now Igloo Cycles)